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Now this would be an amazing crusade to embark upon don’t you think? Only it takes lots of money and planning what is what this blog is all about! With “List Crusade Articles” you can have all this and much more. Once everything is fully up and running, you will never have any more excuses again to use or say to yourself. For this blog will beat the lies and pain and excuses right out of you. The only one that is truly stopping you from succeeding in life or just being content and happy with what you have is actually yourself! You truly are your own worst enemy here. I hope this simple concept sticks and takes root and starts to grow and spread throughout your whole life!

For if it does, life as you know it will change and develop in to something greater than yourself beyond your current imagination and wildest dreams. This I promise and know personally for many years now. One question remains here though. How will you know if what I am telling you is true, or how will you know for yourself? The problem is that you will not ever know if you keep doing things the way you have always done them. Not to mention the way your family and long term ancestry has been doing things. It is time to change the way you think and act and believe about certain things. Heard of the old adage, out with the old and in with the new? Well if your brain cup is plum full of garbage and you are not willing to take it out, how will you ever replace it with much healthier belief patterns, etc. You must be willing to take a risk and experiment for yourself. The only wrong way to do it is to think you already know better or that it will not work. Do not be afraid to live a little my friends! Stay tuned so you can learn more about the many different ways to get and remain successful in life.

Welcome to our new blog site, are you ready for new adventures with us!


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Welcome to the new blog design of the old, List Crusade Articles. In case you were not aware I figured it could not hurt to write another post explaining what is happening digitally with List Crusade Articles online. The same great content rich material is planning on being shared with you, only in a more boutique “ma and pa” fashion (blog style with a more intimate application). I am sorry for any inconveniences I may have caused in confusing you with the new look. I feel you will still be able to enjoy the informational reading material the same way you always have.

The majority of the time spent on the blogs will be primarily focused on the topics of health, wealth, happiness, success, knowledge as well as how to leverage yourself within he workforce community by overcoming your self-sabotaging behaviors. Keep in mind that the issues you are currently facing, are actually created by you and need to drastically be addressed as soon as possible if you ever expect to make it out of the rat race we call life. You see, the majority of the world are lemmings just following whatever orders are thrown out at them. Do not be a lemming any longer. Dare to dream. Dare to color outside the lines. Dare to be true to your inner self and thoughts and feelings and desires that you have never shared outlaid because you thought it will never happen anyways, so what is the use in trying?!

All of these issues and more will be discussed on an in-depth basis, with constant updates. Please be patient with me as I add new fulfilling content everyday. Check in periodically to see what else is new with us! Thank for you for your ongoing patronage and remember, stop being your own worse enemy!