Making Money and Lots of it

This article that Rick Miller wrote is about making money quickly.  Do you have a web business?  If so, this information is for you. Rick Miller interviewed Michael T. Glaspie who is an expert in the fast spreading marketing. Glaspie shared some tips to help you make money with your online marketing business.

The first thing Glaspie encourages you to build relationships with those you interact. Building a relationship of trust is key in any relationship, right?  Well, it is especially important when it comes to working with people on your marketing list.  The bigger the list and the better the relationships, the more money you will make.  That seems simple enough right?  Well, it will definitely take some time and hard work.

So how do you better your relationships with those on your list?  First off, he talks about what not to do.  Do not use email to make offers or deals.  That is taking the easy way out.  Take time to contact and talk to those on your list.  People want to be on your list because they too want something out of the business deal.  You want to make money right?  Well, guess what so do they.  They are thinking, “what’s in it for me?”

You have to start somewhere though.  The key according to Glaspie is found within the Law of Reciprocity.  He says, ”If you give something of value to anyone without the anticipation or expectation of reward, rewards will automatically follow.”You have to “give” before you “get.”  You have to prove yourself to them and then they will wonder how you do what you do or they will want to put you to work for them.

Others will do business with you if you can give credible information on whatever topic those on your list, are interested in.  If you show them you are the expert, they will want to do business with you.  They will need you.  You will be scratching each other’s backs.

Glaspie offers a free audio training that teaches you his online marketing tools to be successful.  He wants to teach and triain you how to do marketing the right way.  As you build your business you can find business partners to help you expand your list and grow your online business.