Is treatment considered a write-off?

I was recently researching high-end drug and alcohol treatment centers (Cirque Lodge, Malibu Passages, Betty Ford Clinic, etc.) for a particular employee of mine that is extremely valuable to my business, however he let his alcoholism get the better of him. So I was curious if there is any way I can create a two-for-one deal where I get to keep my employee and help him out by paying for some if not all (depending on the answer to my current question) of his treatment episode, and yet still be able to write off his treatment expenses as a tax deduction?

I am not trying to minimize the seriousness of his situation, however, I am trying to see if there is a way to create a win-win outcome for everyone involved. This is just the way an entrepreneur mind works regarding the ability to create favorable outcomes! I believe that this is possible for me to do and was curious if any of my readers here have any such experiences?

I am wondering if it actually matters as to exactly the type of substance abuse treatment center the employee attends? As far as state or national certifications or accreditations? In all honesty I believe it does not matter. I mean if most all businesses are able to write-off a vacation to a remote island as a business expense, why shouldn’t I be able to help one of my star employees get the alcohol treatment he needs?

As I was researching as to the different types of alcohol detox center and drug abuse programs available. I found that some are really caring while others are really just greedy and have no business being in business! I am no expert at treating addiction, but I am an expert in treating humans with dignity and respect and that is how I know you must be careful in interviewing different drug treatment centers.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and see if they are a good fit for yourself to others in your inner circle. Long story short, there is no difference as to the steps you must take when making an educated purchase. Just like how I am researching a golden opportunity to save on some tax dollars and help another out. Time is truly of the essence here. Please respond promptly as I must make a decision quickly. Have a wonderful day and thanks in advance for your ongoing support and fellowship!