Dream Home Dreaming!

I have been super busy these last few months like you would not believe. I have embarked on some amazing journeys that I thought were never possible! What I am most excited about is all the new business opportunities available before me. I was starting to wonder if I will ever get any more supplemental income now that I am working towards an early retirement?

I have been dreaming of a dream home for many years now! You see, I do not want a new home. Rather, I have my eyes on an older historic home that although will require window replacement, it will have much more character and history that I can pass on to my children. I hope to settle down near the historic Dallas Texas region and have been doing a lot of research.

It goes without saying that I have been really busy with simultaneously developing new business commerce as well as finally being able to find a permanent spot to settle down with the most amazing partner I could ever ask for! Did I tell you that I am excited about being able to finally have my dream home materialize into reality?!

I do not know where everyone is at regarding their own financial dreams and retirement. I can only say that it is extremely important that you set small and achievable goals that are easily obtained. Before you know it, you will be finding yourself drafting your own dream home blueprints. One last thing though; never stop dreaming. I am already doing some heavy research regarding the idea of using a recreational vehicle for part-time travel throughout the year in this beautiful country!

Please feel free to comment or share your own aspirations and ideas with the rest of the group (my readers) here. I am always interested to learn more. Happy dreaming and best of luck!