Back from Business in Dallas!

I have been out of town on business for the past two weeks now in the wonderful Dallas metroplex. I must say that there is a lot happening in that area on a daily basis. Most people think that only New York or Los Angeles, California are the only major cities with big transactions happening. However this is just not the case. Dallas has just as much high action, fast-paced big money bouncing through it everywhere. They also have their fair share of luxury and elegance as I was wined and dined like royalty. It first started with a limo (cheaper than local Dallas services) pick-up from my hotel and ended up at a local sports event (Dallas Cowboys pre-season scrimmage) after a 5-star meal at a very fancy restaurant (The Mansion). I was completely entertained and thoroughly satisfied the entire trip.

After the time spent in Dallas, I realized that there is a lot of money to be made there and now I am highly considering the possibility of moving there. I really enjoyed the pampering and good life, yet not having to deal with stuck-up entitled people that do not have any manners or know how to treat one another. That is another really important factor in having a millionaire mindset. There is more to life than just making money and manners will take a man or women in life very far.

Unfortunately, today’s society seems to have forgotten this simple rule as they have no issue trampling anybody under their feet just to make a buck. The good people of Dallas Texas, still have their manner intact and are still just as powerful and passionate about making money like the rest of the entrepreneurs in the world. The laid back country style let things fix themselves attitude can actually go a long way. So my challenge to all my readers out there is to try this on for size and be considerate of others and see what you can do for others instead of what they can all do for you.