Is treatment considered a write-off?

I was recently researching high-end drug and alcohol treatment centers (Cirque Lodge, Malibu Passages, Betty Ford Clinic, etc.) for a particular employee of mine that is extremely valuable to my business, however he let his alcoholism get the better of him. So I was curious if there is any way I can create a two-for-one deal where I get to keep my employee and help him out by paying for some if not all (depending on the answer to my current question) of his treatment episode, and yet still be able to write off his treatment expenses as a tax deduction?

I am not trying to minimize the seriousness of his situation, however, I am trying to see if there is a way to create a win-win outcome for everyone involved. This is just the way an entrepreneur mind works regarding the ability to create favorable outcomes! I believe that this is possible for me to do and was curious if any of my readers here have any such experiences?

I am wondering if it actually matters as to exactly the type of substance abuse treatment center the employee attends? As far as state or national certifications or accreditations? In all honesty I believe it does not matter. I mean if most all businesses are able to write-off a vacation to a remote island as a business expense, why shouldn’t I be able to help one of my star employees get the alcohol treatment he needs?

As I was researching as to the different types of alcohol detox center and drug abuse programs available. I found that some are really caring while others are really just greedy and have no business being in business! I am no expert at treating addiction, but I am an expert in treating humans with dignity and respect and that is how I know you must be careful in interviewing different drug treatment centers.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and see if they are a good fit for yourself to others in your inner circle. Long story short, there is no difference as to the steps you must take when making an educated purchase. Just like how I am researching a golden opportunity to save on some tax dollars and help another out. Time is truly of the essence here. Please respond promptly as I must make a decision quickly. Have a wonderful day and thanks in advance for your ongoing support and fellowship!

Dream Home Dreaming!

I have been super busy these last few months like you would not believe. I have embarked on some amazing journeys that I thought were never possible! What I am most excited about is all the new business opportunities available before me. I was starting to wonder if I will ever get any more supplemental income now that I am working towards an early retirement?

I have been dreaming of a dream home for many years now! You see, I do not want a new home. Rather, I have my eyes on an older historic home that although will require window replacement, it will have much more character and history that I can pass on to my children. I hope to settle down near the historic Dallas Texas region and have been doing a lot of research.

It goes without saying that I have been really busy with simultaneously developing new business commerce as well as finally being able to find a permanent spot to settle down with the most amazing partner I could ever ask for! Did I tell you that I am excited about being able to finally have my dream home materialize into reality?!

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Christmas Success…

Christmas success is not about winning a new account or business merger during Christmas time, although many might believe that way. Christmas success is about putting the addiction of workaholism aside and putting your friends and family as a more important priority! Maybe some of you have already mastered this trick? It is definitely new to me as I have always thought it is one of the very most important things to do is to even sacrifice your family if you have to in order to make it to the top and succeed in business life. Well I have learned that what is success without a happy family?

If you are filthy rich but miserable and alone, are you even successful at all? Here is another way to drive this point home, especially for all believers in the concept of life after death (for all the secularists and atheists and agnostics out there, just close your eyes and plug your ears for one minute). So, let’s say you suddenly died and made it into Heaven. While on earth you were an honest and upright gentleman. You donated handsomely to charitable organizations and lived a good Christian life. But as you look around there is nobody around. It is quiet and none of your past relatives or friends are to be seen. At that point, is it still Heaven or has it now become Hell? If you are willing to be honest with yourself, you will pick the latter. Because how can you enjoy Heaven if you are alone and not celebrating with your loved ones?

Just as this scenario depicts the power of perspective, we have a chance to change our perspective today…right now! It is not too late! We can enjoy Heaven on earth for a very long time with our friends and family. It is a sure thing guaranteed right now if we allow it to be. It is not some reward we must earn. If you took a look at your smart phone and saw just how many people you can contact immediately and foster an even greater relationship with but are not because you are so hellbent on making more money…you my friend are missing the point! It is my hope and prayer that we all slow down as the Christmas season is fast approaching us and take time to share some moments with eh ones we love! As always, feel free to comment and add value to this post! I look forward to hearing if any of you were motivated by this particular blog? Have a wonderful day and Happy Holidays!

Trip to Paris!

I just returned from two once in a lifetime opportunities. Both revolved around Paris, France. The first opportunity was for me to go to Paris and to see the magnificent landmarks and to soak up the beautiful scenery that surrounded me in every where I turned. The second amazing opportunity I had was to pitch a possible multi-million dollar deal there. I am currently not at liberty to share what it is regarding, however what I can say is that if it pays off, it will be extremely worth the time and effort. At the same time, no matter what the outcome is, my trip to Paris would never be a waste of time. Honestly, how could it be?

I was able to see many different landmarks such as the Louvre and the Mona Lisa, the Eiffel tower, many ancient church buildings and other awesome architectures. Not to mention the actual country and overall city life. It was more fun than I ever had in a very long time. I felt like I was dreaming on a daily basis. It truly made my presentation to the business firm much more doable and easygoing. Granted, I could have touched up on my French better. Lucky for me they were fluent in English when it mattered most. I did not mind trying to figure out eh language barrier at local bread and frozen gelato shops and what not.

The last thing I wanted to cover here, since this is a website about the laws of success, is that you must understand that you have to take massive action and never give up on your dreams. Especially if you are a true entrepreneur with big dreams. It can seem very difficult at times, but it is merely a law of averages. You must keep at it and work really hard at it until it materializes. If you really want to succeed at a faster rate, all you have to do is find yourself a great mentor that has a proven track record that you trust and just do everything that he/she recommends and let the truth and reasoning behind their advice show itself to you all in due time. Happy hunting and have a wonderful day. As always please leave any thoughts, comments or questions.

Balancing out your life!

Have you ever wondered how the rich and famous keep it all together and always look so glamorous on tv or in public? They seem to have the perfect lifestyle until you put them under the microscope and see what is really going on in their private life. It seems that the world falls apart when you hear how so and so got arrested for drugs or a DUI or someone is getting divorced or what have you. The simple truth here is that nobody rich, famous or poor and unknown is able to live a perfectly happy life full of balance and purpose unless they work damn hard at it on a daily basis.

Nothing worth it is ever free or easy; so even when nepotism is at play and some ungrateful snot nose inherits a boat load of cash…it is almost inevitable he or she will lose or squander it all due to not having ever developed the necessary behaviors required to succeed in life. Money, happiness, success, wealth, spirituality, etc. is all really just a mind set and therefore a decision to execute on a daily basis. You can not just do it once or twice, but rather you need to do it as a true lifestyle change.

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Back from Business in Dallas!

I have been out of town on business for the past two weeks now in the wonderful Dallas metroplex. I must say that there is a lot happening in that area on a daily basis. Most people think that only New York or Los Angeles, California are the only major cities with big transactions happening. However this is just not the case. Dallas has just as much high action, fast-paced big money bouncing through it everywhere. They also have their fair share of luxury and elegance as I was wined and dined like royalty. It first started with a limo (cheaper than local Dallas services) pick-up from my hotel and ended up at a local sports event (Dallas Cowboys pre-season scrimmage) after a 5-star meal at a very fancy restaurant (The Mansion). I was completely entertained and thoroughly satisfied the entire trip.

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Skyrocket your online business income

Are you looking for some strategies to help you get more done more quickly?  If you implement into your life some simple tricks, you will find you have more free time to get more done.

Have you heard of Brian Tracy?  He is an author and has created many audio and visual learning programs.  In fact, Brian Tracy is a best selling author of many books and even more learning programs.

There are three simple steps in Brian’s secret to success.  They are to do the right things, do more important things and do them better.  It’s as simple as that!

If you implement these three simple steps into your life you will see yourself become more productive and realize how much time you are saving.

You may ask yourself some questions.  What are the right things?  What are the important things?  How do I do these important things better?

Brian makes some suggestions to get you on the right track to figuring out the answers to these questions.  He calls it “The Law of Three.”  The first thing he asks you to do is to make a list of the things you do within a week or for that matter a month.  After you have your list, he suggests that you ask yourself if you could only do one thing all day long, pick that one things that contributes the most to your success of your online business.  After, repeat this step by asking yourself if you could only do two things all day long, what would they be.  And lastly, if you could only do three things all day long, what would they be?

These three things that you have discovered will feed into 90% of your success.  Therefore, you should spend most of your time on these three things and spend less time on the other things.  If you can handle delegating some of the responsibilities to others because you don’t have to do it personally, then delegate away.

These three secrets will help you get more done today.  The more you implement them, the more you will discover that your online business will grow immensely.

Problem Solving

Are you a problem solver?  Are you able to solve problems on your own or do you look to others to talk through things to get different perspectives while you rate the pros and cons before you make a decision?

Are you a business man or woman who is trying to juggle both starting your own business, your personal life and your family life?  Do you have a lot of demands in your life to keep up with?  Are you worried about keeping up with your bills?  Are you finding time in your busy schedule to take care of yourself physically?

As a new business owner you may run into a lot of problems trying to start your own business while still working from 9-5.   Are you trying to make a smooth or smoother transition into working your business full time?  You may struggle with marketing and getting your business name out there in the world.  Are you primarily doing internet marketing or other forms of marketing to get your name out there?  Are you running your business solo or do you plan on hiring employees to help with all the many different tasks at hand?  Or are you looking for partners to conduct a joint venture?

There is so much to consider when starting your own business.  If you would like to lower your stress level and enjoy life while going through this grueling process, let me give you a few techniques to solving any problem.

There are problem solving systems out there that do not often work for most people.  Most of these problem solving systems are time consuming and difficult.  Do you have three minutes to solve a problem?  If so, then listen to these three key steps in solving any problem.  First off though, the key is keeping it simple.

There are three main types of problems that one will face in life and they all have to do with relationships, health and money.  If you can comprehend this, your vision will become more clear of what you need to do to solve any problem you are faced with.  Here are the three simple steps to solving whatever problem comes your way:

1.  We often look past the natural solutions that are right in front of us because we get emotional and get caught up in the problem.  So the first step is to take a step back from the problem so you can start searching for the answers.  When we separate the problem from our emotions we allow our subconscious mind to be set free so we can look at the simple solutions right at our finger tips.

2.  It can be hard to train our brains to not focus on the problem.  How would you feel though, if what you desired, actually came to fruition?  If we focus on the solution instead of the problem, we can feel the emotions of success in problem solving.  Always look for a solution instead of dwelling on the problem.  If you focus on your problems, you will continue to get more problems.

3.  Show gratitude and let go of the problem.  If you let go of the problem, you send the universe a clear message that you are ready to move forward and focus on the positive.  As you clear the way from the worries that the problem brought into your life you are alerting the universe that you are done and moving on, which will help everything to fall into place.

If you practice using these three easy steps, you can improve any area of your life and experience more joy and happiness than you ever thought possible.

Making Money and Lots of it

This article that Rick Miller wrote is about making money quickly.  Do you have a web business?  If so, this information is for you. Rick Miller interviewed Michael T. Glaspie who is an expert in the fast spreading marketing. Glaspie shared some tips to help you make money with your online marketing business.

The first thing Glaspie encourages you to build relationships with those you interact. Building a relationship of trust is key in any relationship, right?  Well, it is especially important when it comes to working with people on your marketing list.  The bigger the list and the better the relationships, the more money you will make.  That seems simple enough right?  Well, it will definitely take some time and hard work.

So how do you better your relationships with those on your list?  First off, he talks about what not to do.  Do not use email to make offers or deals.  That is taking the easy way out.  Take time to contact and talk to those on your list.  People want to be on your list because they too want something out of the business deal.  You want to make money right?  Well, guess what so do they.  They are thinking, “what’s in it for me?”

You have to start somewhere though.  The key according to Glaspie is found within the Law of Reciprocity.  He says, ”If you give something of value to anyone without the anticipation or expectation of reward, rewards will automatically follow.”You have to “give” before you “get.”  You have to prove yourself to them and then they will wonder how you do what you do or they will want to put you to work for them.

Others will do business with you if you can give credible information on whatever topic those on your list, are interested in.  If you show them you are the expert, they will want to do business with you.  They will need you.  You will be scratching each other’s backs.

Glaspie offers a free audio training that teaches you his online marketing tools to be successful.  He wants to teach and triain you how to do marketing the right way.  As you build your business you can find business partners to help you expand your list and grow your online business.

Real Success

Stay tuned as we plan on reviewing many different past interviews and articles to help you all find and remain successful in life. We will undergo an in-depth and detailed report and hopefully provide many amazing and insightful concepts and ideas to help you make it to the top. This free service is especially beneficial when you feel down and out and not very productive. Believe me I have been there before. In fact, I am sure that we have all been there before at one point in time or another. I believe it is really important for us to remember that because we can not always have the perfect problem free life! Unless you know some secret I am unaware of. Please do share! Either way, life is not about being problem free, but rather how to live life happily and overcoming your problems stress and worry free. And that my friends is exactly what this website/blog is exactly geared up to accomplish for each and every one of you if you will but allow it to occur.

In my own personal life, I am now financially well to do and feel it is both my responsibility and duty to pay it forward and to help all of you out there in cyber world that so desire to make it to the top with me. So check in often and feel free to comment or ask any questions that you may have. I too am still in some business ventures and could learn from you as well. This blog does not have to be a one sided deal here. I look forward to having many more adventures with you all. One way to think about it is this. If I make it to heaven and no one else is around (friends and family) then is it really heaven. So equally, if I am financially doing awesome and everyone else around me is suffering, then am I truly doing well? At least as a faithful Christian, I say no! So let’s start a new and improved crusade together and make the magic happen people!

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