Dream Home Dreaming!

I have been super busy these last few months like you would not believe. I have embarked on some amazing journeys that I thought were never possible! What I am most excited about is all the new business opportunities available before me. I was starting to wonder if I will ever get any more supplemental income now that I am working towards an early retirement?

I have been dreaming of a dream home for many years now! You see, I do not want a new home. Rather, I have my eyes on an older historic home that although will require window replacement, it will have much more character and history that I can pass on to my children. I hope to settle down near the historic Dallas Texas region and have been doing a lot of research.

It goes without saying that I have been really busy with simultaneously developing new business commerce as well as finally being able to find a permanent spot to settle down with the most amazing partner I could ever ask for! Did I tell you that I am excited about being able to finally have my dream home materialize into reality?!

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