Christmas Success…

Christmas success is not about winning a new account or business merger during Christmas time, although many might believe that way. Christmas success is about putting the addiction of workaholism aside and putting your friends and family as a more important priority! Maybe some of you have already mastered this trick? It is definitely new to me as I have always thought it is one of the very most important things to do is to even sacrifice your family if you have to in order to make it to the top and succeed in business life. Well I have learned that what is success without a happy family?

If you are filthy rich but miserable and alone, are you even successful at all? HereĀ is another way to drive this point home, especially for all believers in the concept of life after death (for all the secularists and atheists and agnostics out there, just close your eyes and plug your ears for one minute). So, let’s say you suddenly died and made it into Heaven. While on earth you were an honest and upright gentleman. You donated handsomely to charitable organizations and lived a good Christian life. But as you look around there is nobody around. It is quiet and none of your past relatives or friends are to be seen. At that point, is it still Heaven or has it now become Hell? If you are willing to be honest with yourself, you will pick the latter. Because how can you enjoy Heaven if you are alone and not celebrating with your loved ones?

Just as this scenario depicts the power of perspective, we have a chance to change our perspective today…right now! It is not too late! We can enjoy Heaven on earth for a very long time with our friends and family. It is a sure thing guaranteed right now if we allow it to be. It is not some reward we must earn. If you took a look at your smart phone and saw just how many people you can contact immediately and foster an even greater relationship with but are not because you are so hellbent on making more money…you my friend are missing the point! It is my hope and prayer that we all slow down as the Christmas season is fast approaching us and take time to share some moments with eh ones we love! As always, feel free to comment and add value to this post! I look forward to hearing if any of you were motivated by this particular blog? Have a wonderful day and Happy Holidays!