Balancing out your life!

Have you ever wondered how the rich and famous keep it all together and always look so glamorous on tv or in public? They seem to have the perfect lifestyle until you put them under the microscope and see what is really going on in their private life. It seems that the world falls apart when you hear how so and so got arrested for drugs or a DUI or someone is getting divorced or what have you. The simple truth here is that nobody rich, famous or poor and unknown is able to live a perfectly happy life full of balance and purpose unless they work damn hard at it on a daily basis.

Nothing worth it is ever free or easy; so even when nepotism is at play and some ungrateful snot nose inherits a boat load of cash…it is almost inevitable he or she will lose or squander it all due to not having ever developed the necessary behaviors required to succeed in life. Money, happiness, success, wealth, spirituality, etc. is all really just a mind set and therefore a decision to execute on a daily basis. You can not just do it once or twice, but rather you need to do it as a true lifestyle change.

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Back from Business in Dallas!

I have been out of town on business for the past two weeks now in the wonderful Dallas metroplex. I must say that there is a lot happening in that area on a daily basis. Most people think that only New York or Los Angeles, California are the only major cities with big transactions happening. However this is just not the case. Dallas has just as much high action, fast-paced big money bouncing through it everywhere. They also have their fair share of luxury and elegance as I was wined and dined like royalty. It first started with a limo (cheaper than local Dallas services) pick-up from my hotel and ended up at a local sports event (Dallas Cowboys pre-season scrimmage) after a 5-star meal at a very fancy restaurant (The Mansion). I was completely entertained and thoroughly satisfied the entire trip.

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